When Cops Saw What Fell Out of the Oven Door, They Knew the Kids Weren’t Safe From Mom and Dad


Cops found something in this parent’s house that disgusted them. How were they allowed to have kids?

#1 Cops Approached This House In Palm Beach

The cops in Palm Beach approached this house with caution, but nothing could prepare them for what they would find inside… The complete mess outside the house was only the beginning.


#2 Meet Travis and Robin Royall

These parents had been living inside this hellhole for years. The wrost part is that they had subjected their children to this misery as well. There were cobwebs and insects all over the place, as well as urine and human feces everywhere. They found their two little boys inside the house, which had no air conditioning and a giant hole in the roof.


#3 The Kitchen Was The Worst Part

But not even this could prepare these cops for what they found inside the kitchen. Looking inside, they found a horrific scene. The drawers were filled with cockroaches, dried insects, and eggs laid by unknown critters. As they opened the oven, hundreds of these roaches began squirming out, scattering all over the floor.


#4 This Is The Second Time This Has Happened To This Family

The worst part of all is that this has happened before to this family. Years earlier, child services took their little boys away from this mom and dad. Now, they lost their kids again.


#5 The Extended Family Released This Statement

The extended family of this negligent mom and dad released the following statement. They say the boys are safe, which is of course the most important thing of all.

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