Toddler disappears from home without trace, 21 years later cops make a shocking discovery


Maria’s boyfriend took off with their 18-months –old son, Steve, in 1995 while she was at work. He also took all family photos with him. All Maria was left with was a grainy black-and-white-photo.

The search for Maria’s son went on 20 years later. However, the chances were slim to none but Maria always hoped for a miracle.

The investigators received a credible tip concerning Steve’s whereabouts. The young man was alive and lived in Puebla, Mexico. His father has disappeared and presumed dead.

The authorities established he was Maria’s son by doing a DNA test. Steve told the investigators he knew he was abducted but could not tell why. Steve also believed his mother had neglected him.

Twenty-years later, the cops showed at Maria’s door with a surprise she did not anticipate.

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