Depressed Teenager Is About To Give Up On Life Until She Finds A Dying Dog On The Side Of The Road.


This young girl was depressed, suicidal, and about to give up. But when she came across a dying dog on the side of the road, she never thought her life would take a drastic turn…


I was miserable as a young teenager. I caught my mom in the act of cheating on my dad one night and the day after I went for a hike when school got out. I wanted to do anything other than go home.

By this point I was bitter, self-harming, hated school and hated my peers/family. All of that was running through my mind as I jogged along the highway out of town. All I could think about was how I needed to get a job, get out of town and learn independence since I’d been alone most of my life anyway.

Busy with my thoughts I saw something in the corner of my eye. It was moving in the grass on the ditch of the highway, but I couldn’t quite make out what it was. I was a little scared; thinking it could be a skunk. Slowly, I approached it. I soon heard whimpering. I stood over it. I found out it was a Golden Retriever. It looked like it was making its way toward me. It looked as though one of it’s legs was badly hurt.

I remember thinking why should I feel bad? Why should I help it when no one has helped me. I stormed off, attempting to make my way out of town. After a few yards I stopped.

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