When Sam The Dog Plays Dead, You Might Lose It. Watch This!


If you don’t have a dog as a pet, then today you will be planning to have one after you watch what Sam is capable of. Sam is a from the “German Shepherd Dog” breed. For those who don’t know about this breed, it originated in German and is normally large in size. They can be found in airports and can be seen working with police officers almost everywhere in the world. Herding sheep is what they were originally associated with, but when it was noted that they are obedient, trainable, and intelligent and strong, they were preferred for quite a number of duties. German shepherd dogs are great around kids and within the United States, they become second as the most popular breed.

The owner of Sam has been training him to perform a popular trick known as BANG, YOU’RE DEAD!  He seems to have learned the trick perfectly and that is seen when he does it wonderfully after being commanded to do so.

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