Security footage records a nanny saving a 3-year-old boy from imminent danger


Jenna Lee Baker went out with a 3- years-old kid she looks after. The parents of this boy trust Jenna.

While they were away, a frightening recording was captured by the surveillance cameras at home. A thief broke into the house. The burglar can be seen putting Jenna’s small bag onto the kitchen table and looking through the rooms for precious items. The most worrying scene in the entire footage is seeing an unfamiliar person going into the kids’ bedrooms.

That is when things got much frightening.
Jenna had completed buying stuff and went back with the boy to the house. As soon as she walked in, she felt something was wrong.

Jenna told the Inside Edition that the intruder was still inside, and she was aware.

Just a moment after they got home, the child walked into the kitchen. Jenna knew she has to take a quick action to potentially rescue his life.

Watch this footage to find out why the parents are lauding Jenna, a super nanny.

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