After Reading This, You’ll Never Throw Away These Bags Again

We’ve all seen these little bags when purchasing something!

#1 Tiny Silica Bags

Guaranteed you’ve seen these tiny silicon dioxid bags in items which you’ve purchased, and you’ve probably been just as confused as us figuring out what exactly they do!


#2 Defense Chemical

They’re actually meant to absorb extra moisture and kill any bacteria that may attempt to rest on your package. So it’s actually on your side!


#3 Odor Killer

They also remove horrible odors from clothes and cloth items, so apply one to a sheet or towel the next time it smells really bad!


#4 Dull Blades

Razors eventually dull, forcing you to replace or sharpen them. But when adding a silica bag into a closed container with the razors, you’ll notice their sharpness is back and better than ever!

#5 Water Damage

Accidentally dropped your phone in the toilet? Well fill a jar with silica packages and stuff your phone in there. After letting it sit and soak up the water, your phone should be back to working as usual.


#6 Fog Remover

Placing these magical bags under your windshield inside the car will remove the annoying and dangerous fog from your car window!

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