Her Son Poses For A Photo With A Stranger, Then Mom Sees This. In Her Eyes. Unbelievable


She couldn’t believe what the woman did for her son

#1 Chase at the Apple store

Check out this amazing story about something that happened to a mom and her son at an Apple store in Arizona: “Today my kids and I were in the Apple Store at La Encantada in Tucson, Az. My son Chase was at one of the tables working on his homework while I talked to one of the Apple associates. In the corner of my eye I noticed an associate named Vicki (shown right in the picture) speaking to Chase and I thought it was so nice she took the time to chat with him. I did not think much of it but later when I was talking to the other apple associate the manager Jason Greer (shown left in the picture) came up and said ‘excuse me’ at the time I thought he needed to talk to the associate that I was speaking with so I said ‘thank you for your help’ and prepared to leave.”

#2 The manager wanted to talk with her

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