She Performs Elvis’ Classic As A Dedication To Her Late Mother. You’ll Be Touched By The Reason…


In this video we see a very talented seven-year-old singer who has uploaded a video by herself to the YouTube channel. The song that she is singing is originally by Elvis Presley and she has dedicated the song to her mother who sadly has passed away.

This makes the song even more emotional and will capture the hearts of those who watch it.

The video is very well directed and takes place in a luxurious home at Christmas time. Presents are laid around a large Christmas tree and the young singer begins her song while she sits next to a blazing fire. The video is filled with atmosphere and this adds to the emotional experience of the video.

The video continues and the young seven-year-old sings like she has been practicing the song for many years. She has a very high level of experience with her singing ability and this shows through as soon as she begins the song. To watch this wonderful individual singing this beautiful song, click the following link and share on Facebook.


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