Why You Should Never Let Anyone Kiss Your Baby on the Lips


You’re just protecting your baby.

#1 Yeah, I know

She’s adorable! But you should’t let anybody kiss her on the lips. Or him, if it were a baby boy. And no, you won’t be over protecting, just protecting.


You shouldn’t make a playdate if your kid is snotty. I don’t want mine to get snotty too. And don’t send him to kindergarten. He’ll spread the germs to all his friends.


#3 Stay At Home!

Also, you shouldn’t go visit if you’ve recently been with stomach flu, or something of the sort. Because I don’t want my kid to get it. And I don’t want to get it either.


#4 Oral Herpes

If you’re not convinced, here’s a horror story for you: UK mother Claire Henderson,’s newborn daughter Brooke was kissed on the mouth and then spent five days in hospital after developing the herpes virus on her lips, cheeks and chin. It’s usually fatal for small babies, luckily it wasn’t for Claire’s baby.
Claire wrote on social media: “The moral of the story is DO NOT let anyone kiss your newborn’s mouth, even if they don’t look like they have a cold sore.”


#5 Unimmunized

The first six weeks babies ar unimmunized against most of the germs. A simple runny nose to you, could mean the difference between life and death to a baby.


#6 Six-Week Shots

Wait until the baby has had the 6-week shots, then visit. If the parents don’t mind, you can always visit but don’t cuddle the baby, just look at the beautiful creature. There will be plenty of opportunities in the future to get closer. And sorry, you won’t get to kiss it on the lips.

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