She Was Neglected, But Look How This Horse Reacts When She Steps In Her Forever Home. WOW!


There are no wonderful creatures like pets and domestic animals. They shower us with their unconditional love on a daily basis, when shown that they are loved.

The worst part of this is that there are some humans who have no feelings over these animals. It is sad to note that many people abandon their animals to die instead of taking them to animal sanctuaries when they realize that they are unable to keep them.

Neglecting can be very sad to those animals that need special attention in their maintenance. A horse by the name of Flora is one of the animal victims who was left to die but luckily was rescued by MSPCA.

When she was rescued and taken to the rehabilitation place, Flora of 30 years was wasted and her body was full of wounds. The condition that she was in made the rescue team have doubts of her surviving to see another day.

To the surprise of many, Flora struggled and made it by recovering fully from her sores and regaining good health once again. Allison Mankivsky, adopted him forever to her permanent home.

Watch the clip below to see how Flora reacts when she steps in her forever home for the first time. Please SHARE this video to all your friends on Facebook to campaign for animal rights!


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