You May Think This Gorilla Is Just Being Playful But What He Has In Mind Will Surprise You! WOW!!


The camera caught a cheeky gorilla monkeying around. The playful primate that features within the video below was having some fun out in the grass.

He noticed some zoo workers were around and decided to pull some harmless prank on them. This is not the first time we are bringing to you the funny things that are animals are capable of but what you’re about to watch will definitely send you to the funny side of life.

This gorilla is intelligent enough and it takes some time to plot what to do next. He sees the zookeepers are busy with their work but still peeks around just to confirm none has noticed him. He just wants to make sure the stage is set before accomplishing his mission. We know gorillas to be playful and this one takes fun to the next level.

What he did next left me rolling on the floor. I don’t want to spoil it before you can even watch this movie. Please watch this clip and ensure your friends are part of the fun by SHARING with them!

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