This Man Was Able To Share With Us A Giraffe In Labor…It is Awesome


Seeing an animal giving birth is seen often by farmers or vets. People who live in big cities rarely come across this amazing moment. When Andreas Knausenberger was on a safari tour in the the Masai Mara National Reserve, she saw a giraffe in labor. He decided to share this important moment when animals give birth to their new babies.

“After about 30 minutes the baby came out bit by bit, and finally fell about two meters on to its back. Only 15 seconds later, the newborn lifted its head and the mother started cleaning it carefully,” he said.

Tourists watched this important moment by keeping a distance from the giraffe.



As almost all mother animals do, the giraffe went down to nudge her baby.

The other giraffes came to welcome the new baby to this world.

The small baby tried more than 2 times to stand up and finally managed to learn the first lesson in life of a giraffe.

Source: Wherecoolthingshappen

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