This Man Can’t Afford His Own Swimming Pool. But What He Builds Behind His House Is More Than Impressive.


Talk about making lemonade out of lemons…

#1 A Dedicated Father

Brazilian native José Franco really wanted a backyard for his family to enjoy in the summertime, but unfortunately he couldn’t afford to gift his kids with one.


#2 Buy A Cheap Pool

He buys a low-cost pool with plastic walls and floor. Then he sets it on a plastic tarp in his backyard.


#3 Build The Frame

He starts to build the wooden scaffold around the pool to secure the structure.


#4 Add To Make A Deck

Then he adds wood to the scaffold so you can lay out during the summer.


#5 Make A Staircase

He even constructed a staircase to easily access his pool.


#6 Finally It Is Complete

Finally the pool is complete! This is an amazing and frugal way to enjoy a swim in your backyard. It looks great!

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