Quiz: What Kind Of Introvert Are You According To What You See In The Following Colors?


If you consider yourself to be an introvert then you have to take this colorful quiz to figure out what specific type you are!

Generally speaking, an introvert is someone who is much more shy and reserved than social and outgoing. They prefer to keep their thoughts, emotions, and feelings to themselves and when they do open up and share them, it’s only with a few close and trusted friends. Keep in mind that these sweepingly broad generalizations encompass the very basic description of what it means to be an introvert.

There is so much more about the personality-type than just these main assertions and much of it has to do with the fact that introverts literally view the world differently. They pick up on everything and nothing escapes their attention. Their excellent observational skills are made even more sharp by their ability to break down whatever it is they may be looking at with accuracy and precision. Because of this, introverts pick up the subtle nuances and finer details of all the sights and scenes they take in. This all relates back to their mindset and how their brains are wired.

It makes sense that one major area where this can be seen the best, and tested, is in relation to colors! When introverts look at a color they can describe it with more than just one or two words. Instead of simply saying blue they break the shade down into terms which are much more specific and finely tuned.

The quiz featured here uses this visual introvert trait to explore what specific type of introvert you are, based on what you perceive colors to be! Simply pick and choose your way through it to get your results and see what kind of introvert you are based on what shades you see in the different colors presented. Don’t forget to pass this along to friends and family so they can test themselves as well, good luck and have fun!

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