Incredible Exercises That Will Tighten Up your Loose Skin and Eliminate Double Chin

Perform these easy stretches and watch that double chin disappear.

#1 Want to reduce the size of a double chin?

There are several simple exercises you can perform to achieve that goal. Please read on.


#2 Crane your neck and kiss the air.

Look straight ahead and crane your chin upward. Push your jaw forward, and bring your mouth into a kissing position. Hold the pose for 30 seconds.


#3 Gentle pressure.

Place your chin on your folded hands just like the girl in the image. Gently apply pressure: push up with your hands, and push down with your chin.

#4 Chew on this.

Looking straight ahead, tilt your head back a little. Now move your jaw as if you are chewing a pretend stick of gum.


#5 Stick out your tongue, don’t say “ahhhh.”

Push your neck and your chin forward. Stick out your tongue and you should feel a good stretch.


#6 The resistance.

Looking slightly upward, place your hand on your chin and apply gentle pressure. Repeat 20+ times.

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