I watch this video so many times ! It’s so cute !!


Watching the connection that develops between males and females of all species can make for great viewing. As it turns out, human males are not the only species who try to ask their prospective girlfriends for kisses. The parrots in this video will certainly have you chuckling at their romantic connection, as it is very true to life.

Green parrots are one of the most famous types of parrot, but there are a variety of different green parrots to choose from. Green parrots range from the Sun Conure, to the Senegal, to the amazon, to the trusty parakeet. They derive their names from the bright green coloration of their feathers and are some of the most distinctive birds currently known to man.

This awesome breed of bird can provide hours of enjoyment and this clip is certainly proof of that. Although the video clocks in at a mere 99 seconds, you will find yourself wishing for the extended director’s cut. Watching this clip helps you to realize why so many people keep these birds as pets.


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