The Horses Line Up To Meet A Little Fella They Can’t Quite Comprehend. Adorable!


This video is about a miniature stallion named Pippin and he happens to be out for a walk with his owners in the countryside. Pippin happens to be as big as a large dog, so for a horse he is quite small, but that doesn’t stop him in any way. The owners take Pippin to a farm where there is a herd of horses, all normal size.

Now when a human sees something that is different, even if it is another human, they either stare, point or ignore the other person. Horses it seems have a completely different response.

All of the horses seem extremely curious about Pippin and can’t wait to meet him. They almost line up in response to him with several taking their time nuzzling him and caressing him. It almost seems as if a few stay back and stare at him, almost huddled together talking about him like people might do. But they all seem to come around and their curiosity gets the better of them as they all take turns meeting him. He takes it all in stride accepting the warm caresses and perhaps finding a little love from one particular horse who can’t seem to get enough of him.
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