Nobody Expected This 10-Years-Old Girl To Do This With Her Voice. WOW!!


Here we have possibly the best version of The Animals “House of the Rising Sun” ever sang to date. The kicker? It is sang and played on the piano by a ten year old girl!

On her trip to America’s Got Talent, Anna Christine, blows the judges, audience, fans of the show and fans of the song right away. America really does have talent, and it is lying within this young lady. Her voice is soulful, professional, and incredibly unique. Ringing through the microphone and dropping the jaws of anyone who hears it. You simply do not expect such a huge voice to come out of such a little person. But, somehow it does and we could not be happier.

Sounding like she has years on top of decades worth of experience, it is safe to say that we have not heard the last of this young lady yet. America hopes not at least.

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