They Simply Tore Her Baby Out Of Her Body. It’s Almost Impossible To Look At These Photos.


The most inhumane thing you’ll see today

#1 Whale Massacre

The fjords of the Faroe Islands holds an annual tradition which is absolutely disgusting, and has occurred since the 16th century.


#2 Throwback

In 1709, whalers would get in their boats and hunt whales that swam towards their home…but it wasn’t a threat to their population at the time.


#3 Now

Now days, the whalers use speed boats and jet skis to ensure the whales cant escape the gruesome killing…


#4 Forced In

The whales are forced into the fjords, and sit there while they wait to be murdered. Look at all that blood!


#5 40 Dead

Dozens of whale carcasses are drug to shore and stacked side by side…


#6 Dead Family

A cut open mother’s unborn baby falls out of her and onto the pavement…given no chance at life.


#7 Screw Tradition

The whale baby is thrown into the trash. These killings are all for tradition!

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