Hairstylist Refuses to touch woman’s hair because of a saddening reason


31-year-old Julia underwent surgery to treat psoriatic arthritis. The condition causes one to have itchy and dry patches of the skin.

Julia’s self-esteem was at stake and she decided to get a haircut for the first time since her surgery. When she sat down at the salon, she was met with a rude approach. The hairstylist asked if she was contagious in a rude and judgmental tone.

The devastated Julia explained to the hairstylist about her condition and told her it was not contagious. Sadly, the hairdresser refused to offer her services.

The salon asked Julia to bring some medical documentation to her appointment. The hairdresser said the salon has the right no to offer services if they feel it are a threat to their health.

Julia shared her experience on aFacebook support group for people with psoriasis. The incident made her feel self-conscious.

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