Groom sees his bride walk down the aisle and breaks into inconsolable tears


Weddings are a big deal. They are one of the best days of our lives.

Do you remember seeing your husband in his fancy suit or your wife in her adorable wedding gown? What was going on in your mind?

27-year-old Quintin Reed broke down he saw his 26-year-old bride Ashleigh. He cried uncontrollably and not even the best man could console him. The feeling was so overwhelming that even the guests got emotional.

Quintin says he was overcome with joy at that point. When the bride saw the groom cry, shewas overcome by emotions too.

Everyone in attendance was moved by the couple’s display of affection. The bride says she did not expect him to shed a tear. It was anunexpected reaction.

We wish the couple a happy marriage.

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