His Father Cannot Catch It. Now Watch What the Little Boy Did!


The hilarious clip below is simply amazing. I cannot hide my smile while watching.
Daddy takes his son for shopping at Target as a way of spending time with his little boy. All about this charming beanie-wearing baby goes beyond adorable. I cannot get enough of the baby’s infectious laugh.

While still shopping, daddy thought playing a ball game would be fun. He pulls his son the aisle son. The boy starts the game by throwing the tiny orange basketball to his old man.

The boy starts to laugh hysterically when he sees the old man trying to catch the ball. I wish this entertaining scene happened while I was in this shopping center; it would have made my day.

A giggling baby makes everyone around them happy. You will find all around a happy kid who is laughing smiling.

The baby’s joy lights up their surroundings. Such moments are the best.

Nothing greater compared to than making a baby laugh like this boy in the clip.

What do you think of this moment? What are your views on this child-parent relationship?

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