It Is A Fact That Dogs Are Faithful…, But This One is Super Faithful…


Last summer a magical dog named Druzhok showed his super loyalty to the family. Druzhok  is a member of the Andreev household in the Amur region of Russia. He is known for his loyalty, but he has a lot of freedom to go wherever he wanted.

When Andreev city was overtaken by flood last summer, Druzhok showed a lot of  love for his family.

When the city was flooded, the dog was taken with the family to a safe place with friends.



In the third day the dog disappeared without a notice and the family went searching for him.



Druzhok was foud guarding the house.


Rescuers reported that  Druzhok  did not give the green light to any one to enter or approach the house. He was actually in a duty of guarding the house.



When the family came nearby, he left his mission and joined them with love.


“It’s deep here. He couldn’t run, he had to swim. The dog stood on the top step of the porch in the cold water all night.

We sailed into the yard and saw him. He was standing there and trembling, and wouldn’t move away from his place. But when he saw us he was so happy. We took him into the boat and he rushed to lick us. We all were so happy.”

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