Doctors Gathered To Pray Before A Rare Surgery. Hours Later, I Couldn’t Believe This

A doctor born and raised in Haiti but educated in America returned to his native country to conduct a very dangerous surgery.

#1 Dr. Henri Ford was born in Haiti and returns for important surgeries

Though he came to America and became a pediatric surgeon via the Ivy League, he still feels a strong connection to his home.

#2 He assembled a team of American doctors to conduct a dangerous surgery

Two conjoined twins needed to be separated in a relatively quick manner.

#3 As the surgery began one of the twins blood pressure dropped dangerously low

Though they could pump fluids to ease the problem, it went to both twins and increased the urgency of the surgery.


#4 Ford held the twins after the surgery was successfully completed

He never misses an opportunity to help his native country and its people if he has the chance to do so.

#5 The mother of the twins was overjoyed

The surgery increases their potential life spans and gives them a shot at a fulfilling life they could have never had before.


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