Disabled girl sells pot holders to raise money for a service dog


10-year-old Alayna is a fourth grader who loves science and choir. However, Alayna’s faces some challenges in school as she has spina bifida.

Alayna’s mother, Monica Mendenhall, says her daughter has challenges opening doors at Massillon Intermediate School in Ohio. She cannot let go of her walkers to open the locks. Although the school is on the lookout, Monica hopes she can get a service dog to keep her daughter safe and comfortable.

The family requires $ 8,000 for the service dog and specialized training. The little girl has started selling pot holders to raise money for the service dog.

The service dog will make Alayna independent and boost her confidence. She says people will stop focusing on her disability and asking too many questions.

Alayna hopes to receive her service dog very soon. Please support her fundraising efforts.

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