Daughter and Dad were out to watch a game when military mom appeared on the scoreboard


We can’t ignore the kind of sacrifices that military families make when serving our country. They spend a lot of time away from their spouses and children for the sake of the service.

It means some of the functions that we take for granted such as attending baseball games, school functions and going for holidays are not an everydayexperience for them – in fact they are luxuries.

Andria Allmond who is an Air Force Sgt. Prepared a special message so as to surprise her children and husband. All she wanted was to make them know that though she was away, the still treasured them. She came up with a spectacular way of passing across the message –she did it during the Philadelphia Phillies game on the Citizens Bank Park’s big screen.

When her family was called out and she appeared on the screen, their precious reaction was the best. They were then offered official team jerseys by the players and it was a special occasion for them.

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