Cupid’s story begins so tragically – he was blind, injured and he faced certain death. But a group of heroes came to his rescue, and not only got Cupid the surgery he needed, but it led to him finding the most loving family imaginable. This is SO wonderful!!


Cupid was hit by a car and found abandoned on the side of a road. He was then impounded at a kill-shelter that was about to be down; he had a broken leg and a severe visual impairment, and required surgery. No one was there for him. Just in the nick of time, an incredible rescue organization saved Cupid and got him the surgery he so desperately needed. All that was left was for someone to come and take Cupid into their forever home.

Swim therapy relieved Cupid’s pain and stress, and he was learning to love. It was a long, hard journey, but Cupid finally found his forever home with a family that had been following Cupid’s progress. He is now safe, happy and healthy, with the most incredibly loving, warm family – and I am SO grateful!!

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