Wild Cat Sneaks Up Behind The Cameraman And Gives Him A Haircut, This Is So Funny!


A cameraman and his crew were shooting a film in Ambit Private Game Reserve in South Africa. The camera did not know that a wild cat behind him had fallen in love with his hair. The carnival decided to give him a hairdo.

According to the cameraman, he was trying to get some low-shoot angle photos. He was seated behind the enclosure that contained the wild cat.

The carnival snuck behind him closely inspecting the cameraman’s hair. All over sudden, he felt that someone was tugging his hair. When the cameraman turned around, he saw the serval clinging on his hair. The wild cat was pulling his hair.

The man seemed to be enjoying, although, at some point it felt ticklish and painful. The cameraman said it is one of the best hairdos he has received in twenty years. The cat seems to be enjoying tugging the cameraman’s hair.

After a long moment of nibbling and slobbering on the man’s locks, the cameraman carefully pulls the wild cat away from his hair. What a sight to behold! Following the incident, the cameraman has since shaved his locks. His hair is still pretty, though!

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