A Horse Fell Into A Deep Well. Her Rescue? Like Nothing I’ve EVER Seen!!


I don’t think anyone in their right mind would argue with me when I say that the brave men and women who risk their lives every day as members of firefighting squads are heroes through and through.

They have been the first responders to great disasters, and every day they rush into flaming infernos to save the lives of humans — and our pets! Even when it’s not full of risk and adventure, they’re ready to help. Where do you think that image of the firefighter rushing to save a kitten in a tree comes from? It has definitely happened!

Recently, in the Leicestershire area of England, firefighters were called to the scene for a peculiar rescue they’d never tried to handle before.

A beautiful Irish Sport Horse named Foxy had fallen backwards into a well in the field at her stables and had become stuck. Foxy grew increasingly scared and agitated. She could not free herself and had hurt her leg.

This was a new rescue attempt for them, but they were resourceful…

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Foxy is a beautiful Irish sport horse owned by university student Amy Badge. While Amy studies at college, Foxy is being cared for at a livery stable not far away.


Unfortunately, Foxy had a bad fall when she stumbled backwards into an open well.


The Leicestershire Fire and Rescue’s Technical Rescue team rushed to the scene to save Foxy.


They knew this would be a harrowing, tense rescue. Only half of the horse could even be seen; the other half was submerged underwater.


It was a not a situation they had ever trained for, as they’d never seen anything like it. The hole didn’t seem wide enough to even fit an entire horse.


Frighteningly, the crews had to seriously consider whether or not this would be a viable rescue. Foxy’s position in the well was precarious, and they weren’t sure of how to get to her.


Several methods of rescue were discussed, but they decided to use a harness around her back that hooked under her front legs. It’s usually just a method for dragging trapped horses flat on the ground. They’d never tried lifting a horse with this method before.


The harness was attached to a mechanical digger that hoisted Foxy up and out of the well.


Leicestershire Fire and Rescue

Fortunately for all involved, Foxy was delivered from her underground prison.


The Warwickshire Fire and Rescue’s Animal Rescue team was on site to support with the efforts. They immediately tended to her wounds and rushed her to the animal hospital.


Foxy suffered a few gashes in her leg during the fall, and she had some joint trauma. The rescue process might have given Foxy a few minor injuries as well, but these were necessary to save her life.


Surprisingly, no one notified Foxy’s owner, Amy, for a week. Her dad said he didn’t want to interrupt her studying for finals by making her worry about her horse.


Though the rescue efforts weren’t without difficulty, the important thing is that Foxy is alive and recovering well.

S17_9874-600x407Source: Courtesy Alistair Lanagham


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