Dad-To-Be Brings Girlfriend To Hospital For Delivery, But Receives Heartbreaking News


#1 Paul Stewart and Barbara Bienvenue Were Expecting

Paul Stewart and Barbara Bienvenue were a couple in love who were told they were pregnant. They were thrilled about the news and so were their family and friends.


#2 Not Just One, But Five

The couple was told that they would be expecting not one, but five babies, They had a lot of support from their community which quickly spread to support from all over the world.


#3 But It Was Pseudocyesis

Paul took Barbara to the hospital to deliver the babies when he was informed that she was not even pregnant. She may have had Pseudocyesis, a disorder that gives you a phantom pregnancy.


#4 Not The First Time

A relative of Barbara’s told Paul that this was not the first time she had done this. There had been other instances where she had tricked someone into thinking she was pregnant.


#5 Returning The Donations

Paul is obviously heartbroken, but is now working on returning all of the donations they had received for the babies they were expecting.

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