This Amazing Woman Carries Her Grandmother On Her Back To Work With Her.


Taking care of our elders can be a difficult task. After spending their lives taking care of us, we all want what’s best for them. However, we often get too wrapped up in our own lives to remember our gratitude. This woman in China hasn’t let her own life distract her from showing her grandmother just how much she loves her.

When Huang Lihua was a child and her parents had to find work, they sent her to stay with her grandmother in the countryside. Now 24 and a successful restaurant owner, Lihua is dedicated to repaying the 88 year old woman.


I’m not saying we should all start carrying our grandparents around with us, but maybe we can at least listen to their stories more. (Even if it is the 100th time you’ve heard it.) Remember, you’ll be in their shoes some day too!

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