4 days after the hurricane, dad risks his life to trace his daughter


When Hurricane Maria hit Puerto Rico, the residents understood the storm’s magnitude and sought solace on safer grounds. The damage was immeasurable and people were trapped.

Alexandria, Elijah Arroyo’s daughter, was one of the victims. Dad did not hear from her daughter four days after the hurricane and he got worried.

Just like any other dedicated father, he decided to look for his daughter. He booked the next available flight to Puerto Rico. However, there was a challenge. Elijah did not know here to find his missing daughter.

Elijah’s first flight was canceled but he found a seat on the next one. He later learned his daughter was staying with some friends.

As soon as he arrived, Elijah showed up at her daughter’s doorstep. It was a surprise since very few civilians could travel to the troubled island.

Alexandria was safe but could not communicate with her family. Elijah had faith his daughter was safe and they would reunite.

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