This 2 Sisters Step Into The Studio For The First Time. What Happened Next? I Got Chills!


Sisters Tuva and Mia Francke’s first time in a recording studio is a memorable one. They sound like golden angels singing Rascal Flatts’ “I Won’t Let Go” in perfect harmony showing a powerful graceful talent.The depth of feeling they convey is astonishing coming from girls so young;eleven and fourteen years old. Their sweet voices carry a lot of feelings of love and affection.As they appear on the studio,they show complete harmony while singing this famous sweet song exchanging looks and smiles throughout their recording accompanied by a very professional guitarist.

The little cute angels sing with all their enthusiasm and passion which makes the song more heard and the lyrics more meaningful.The recording looks and sounds like a dialogue between two loving supportive sisters standing side by side delivering a significant message of love , harmony and unity.Their facial expressions while singing demonstrate innocence and unconditional love that exist between sisters.

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