Meet Wally, The Bunny With The Biggest Wing-Like Ears


This is the cutest bunny you will ever see. Just look at his ears.

#1 Meet Wally

This is the cutest bunny you will ever see. His name is Wally.

#2 He’s An English Angora Rabbit

Wally is an English Angora Rabbit. That’s a very rare breed.

#3 He’s Going Viral

Since reaching the web, he’s going viral. It’s not hard to see why…

#4 Just Look At Those Ears

Would you just look at those ears? That’s so cute!

#5 He’s A Sleepy Rabbit

He spends most of his time sleeping. That’s adorable.

#6 Very Hard To Take Care Of

This rabbit is very hard to take care of. So don’t go trying to buy one of these.

#7 He Wants To Be Your Friend

Wally is looking for more friends on the internet. Will you add him?

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