Children Losing Their Teeth Because Of The Cause Of A Product We All Have In Our Fridge!


You’ll be shocked that these kids’ baby teeth are so rotted.

#1 Rotting Baby Teeth

There seems to be an epidemic of little kids with rotting baby teeth.

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#2 Junk Food

To blame is the sugars in sodas and junk food.

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#3 Rotting Out Of Their Mouths

It’s shocking the number of children with teeth rotted to the root.

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#4 Too Young

Parents are giving children as young as one, sugary sodas and foods.

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#5 Sippy Cups

Fruit juice can seem healthy when putting it into a kid’s sippy cup, but fruit juice has a lot of sugar that can rot teeth that go unbrushed.

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#6 Foods

The lesson here is to avoid sugary foods, but to remember to brush kids’ teeth at least once a day, and definitely after sugar treats.

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#7 Sugar Consumption

Besides rotting teeth, this pattern sets kids up for an unhealthy lifestyle that could lead to diabetes.

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