These Pets Know It’s Dinnertime

Do you have a pet? Here you’ll find a wide range of emotions related to feeding time.

#1 Uhm…

I mean, what else do I have to do so you get the idea?

#2 Is That a Starfish?

No, it’s just Tootsie enjoying lunch.


#3 Can we skip the wine? And what’s up with the dim light?

I’m not in a romantic mood today, can I just attack the spaghetti?


#4 Just Look at Me.

I haven’t eaten for two whole hours!


#5 Oh, Sorry, I Thought the Open Pantry was like an Open House.

I’d be quite happy living here.


#6 Food smelling good, sista

Mind if I join you?


#7 Do You Need an Explanation?

OK. It’s time to put MY food into this thing, do that thing that YOU do, then give the result to ME.


#8 This dog is in for a surprise!

“If it’s that dry stuff you always give me……you can keep it”.


#9 Great day for a Salad!

Don’t you just love Summer?


#10 I know it’s not for me!

I can see the spoon, I’m not blind. Just sad…

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