This House Looks A Little Plain, But Wait Until You See What’s Inside


A lot of homeowners today still think that bigger is better, but there’s a growing trend out there of tiny home-ownership. These houses have minimal square footage, but what they lack in space, they make up for in character and brilliant design. In fact, when you step inside these homes, you tend to forget how small they really are.

Chris Heininge is a brilliant craftsman and designer who is at the forefront of the tiny home revolution. Back in 1999, he was living in Aurora, Oregon, and noticed how people were abandoning their McMansions in favor of smaller homes with a lot more personality. Since then, he’s built dozens of tiny homes that not only cost less to build, but are actually cheaper for homeowners to maintain.

Just take a look at one of his mobile tiny homes:

From the outside, it might not look like much

via Chris Heininge Construction

But step inside this 280-square foot home and you’ll think differently

via Chris Heininge Construction

The stairs to the upstairs loft are surprisingly functional with hidden storage

via Chris Heininge Construction

And the upstairs bed is fit for a king

via Chris Heininge Construction

The kitchen boasts all the necessary appliances and is even more spacious than your typical apartment

via Chris Heininge Construction

Here’s another view

via Chris Heininge Construction

Believe it or not, there’s even room for a bathroom inside

via Chris Heininge Construction

Yes, there is a bath!

via Chris Heininge Construction

Here is Chris hard at work completing the mobile home

via Chris Heininge Construction

Here’s the home completed. Would you believe all that stuff fits inside?

via Chris Heininge Construction

Since you’re probably wondering how all of this is possible, here are the floor plans:

via Chris Heininge Construction
Collage source Chris Heininge Construction

You can buy your very own tiny home for just $70,000, which is at least a quarter of the price of your average home. It’s the perfect living situation for a single person, or even a couple. Would you live in a tiny home like this?

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