Chubby Puppies That Look Like Teddy Bears


When you are shopping for a new puppy, these little cutie pies are exactly what most people want.

#1 The Real Deal

If that frumpy body is not one of a real life Care Bear, then we must be legally blind.


#2 2 Puffy 4 Summer

There is a dog that was built to withstand a Russian winter. A Florida summer on the other hand…


#3 Adorbz

There is no word better to describe what we are seeing here: adorable.


#4 Not Real Life

Excuse us for one moment. We are going to have to leave the room and comprehend whether this dog is indeed real life.


#5 Actual Teddy Bear

Look at those twins. We should actually let you know that they are not twins, but if you squint just a bit they could easily pull it off.


#6 The Golden Doodle

Do not get too attached if you can help yourself. We can tell just from a quick once over that this is one of those multi-thousand dollar breeds.


#7 Chow Chow

These dogs are called Chow Chows, but we are just going to call them Teddy for short.

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